On October 15-16, 2013, the Center for the Study of Terrorism will host the next “RAN Voices of Victims of Terrorism” meeting. In order to help the first-line local practitioners and to facilitate the exchange of experiences and best practices between them, the European Commission set up the EU-wide Radicalisation Awareness Network (RAN), officially launched on 9/9/2011 by Commissioner Malmström. The EU has agreed a comprehensive strategy and action plan for combating radicalisation and recruitment into terrorism. This strategy focuses on countering radicalisation and recruitment to terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda and the groups it inspires, given that this type of terrorism currently represents the main threat to the Union as a whole.

Please, click here to visit the Radicalisation Awareness Network website.

PROGRAMME RAN VVT meeting 15 – 16 October 2013. University of “Tor Vergata”

Main subject: In what way / how could (indirect) sources of testimonies of victims of terrorism become an aspect of educational programmes for youngsters on radicalism awareness?

Tuesday 15 October

13:00     Check-in, registration and lunch

 14:00     Introduction

  • Welcome by RAN VVT working group leaders
  • Welcome by Alessandro Orsini, Director, Center for the Study of Terrorism, University of Rome “Tor Vergata”
  • Programme
  • RAN context, progress and deliverables

14:15     Welcome

Gianluca Galletti, Vice Minister of the Italian Ministry of Instruction, University and Research (MIUR)

 14:30     Round table

“Counter-memory, counter-narrative, counter-messaging:

active roles of the victims of terrorism”

  • Anna Lisa Tota
  • Anna Bull
  • Agata Serranò
  • Alessandro Orsini

Moderator: Luca Tarantelli


15:30     Coffee Break

16:00     Split up sessions in 3 groups

In each working group a central case is being discussed. Main goal is to look for the important elements which make the use of indirect sources of voices of victims effective in an educational setting.

Moderators: Jo Dover, Arantza Mota, Josée Netten

17:30     Wrap up and plenary discussion 

18:00     Round up of the day

20:00     Dinner

Wednesday 16 October

9:00        Start and summary first day

9:15       Speech

Dante Notaristefano and Paolo Bolognesi, Presidents of the Italian Association of Victims of Terrorism and of the Association of victims’  families of the massacre at the Bologna railway station on August 2, 1980

9:30       “C4C” Project: The terrorism survivors storytelling, global platform for resilience stories and radicalisation awareness, Luca Toselli and Luca Guglielminetti

9:45                          Preparing teachers/facilitators to work with testimonies and deal with Radicalisation

Experiences with preparing teachers/facilitators

  • Edit Schlaffer, Women without borders / SAVE
  • Cinzia Venturoli, Researcher Association of victims’  families of the massacre at the Bologna railway station on August 2, 1980
  • Stéphane Lacombe, AfVT


10:30     Coffee break

10:45     Split up sessions in 3 groups:

What is important in preparing the teacher/facilitator to use the (indirect) sources of testimonies of victims of terrorism in an educational setting?

Moderators: Edit Schlaffer, Cinzia Venturoli, Stéphane Lacombe

12:15     Wrap up and plenary discussion

12:45     Round up of the meeting

Lessons learned

Policy recommendations

Next steps RAN VVT

13:00     End of the conference




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