About Tor Vergata

The University of Rome “Tor Vergata” is the first University of Rome for the quality of its scientific research, according to the 2013 parameters of the Italian Ministry of Universities and Research. The same Ministry has also placed the University of Rome “Tor Vergata” at the top of the list for the best Italian Universities of the Center and the South of Italy for scientific research. The University of “Tor Vergata” is located in the South-eastern suburb of Rome in a 640-hectares campus, with an accommodation for 1500 students and six schools: Economics; Engineering; Humanities; Law; Sciences; Medicine (University Hospital).

40.000 Students population;

1.000 Personnel of the Administration (staff);

52 Bachelor degree courses (3-years);

50 Master degree courses (2-years);

5 One cycle Degrees (5-6 years);

31 Phd courses

32 PhDs (Doctoral Studies)
63 Specialisation Courses (I level)
70 Specialisation Courses (II level)
Foreign students:
Economics:  346 students
Engineering:  231
Humanities:    362
Law:    174
Medicines:    542
Sciences:    133
Total  1.788
4.5% of the students enrolled